5 Ways to Celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day: How Campzy Can Help Enhance the Experience

Outdoor Classroom Day is an annual event that celebrates and promotes the benefits of learning in the great outdoors. It encourages schools around the world to take their lessons outside, fostering creativity, curiosity, and a deeper connection with nature. As you prepare to participate in Outdoor Classroom Day, let’s explore five exciting ways to celebrate this special day and discover how Campzy Adventure Club and Outdoor Learning Center can enhance your outdoor learning experience.

1) Take at least one lesson outdoors

Embrace the spirit of Outdoor Classroom Day by taking at least one of your lessons outside. Step beyond the traditional classroom walls and explore the possibilities of learning in a natural environment. Campzy offers a variety of outdoor spaces, such as open fields, serene lakeshores, and lush forest trails, providing the ideal backdrop for engaging and immersive lessons.

2) Go on a walk

Embark on a nature walk with your students and experience the wonders of the great outdoors. Campzy’s knowledgeable guides can accompany you on a guided exploration, sharing insights about the local flora and fauna, pointing out interesting geological features, and facilitating interactive discussions about the environment. This hands-on experience will ignite curiosity and spark meaningful conversations among students.

3) Boost biodiversity in your school grounds

Campzy can assist in creating a biodiversity-rich environment within your school grounds. Our experts can guide you in designing and implementing initiatives such as planting native trees, creating pollinator gardens, or setting up bird feeders. By enhancing biodiversity, you provide opportunities for students to observe and learn about different species, their habitats, and the importance of conservation.

Celebrate your school’s action for nature

Organize a special event to celebrate your school’s commitment to nature and the environment. Campzy can collaborate with you to plan a fun-filled day of eco-friendly activities, such as nature-themed arts and crafts, storytelling sessions, or interactive games centered around sustainability. This celebration will foster a sense of pride and inspire students to become responsible stewards of the environment.


Don’t forget to incorporate play into your outdoor classroom experience. Campzy offers a range of recreational activities such as team-building games, sports, and adventure challenges that promote physical fitness, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. These activities provide a refreshing break from traditional academic routines while encouraging students to engage with their peers in a fun and active environment.


As Outdoor Classroom Day approaches, it’s time to embrace the beauty of outdoor learning and celebrate the wonders of nature. By taking at least one lesson outdoors, going on walks, boosting biodiversity, celebrating your school’s action for nature, and incorporating play, you can create a memorable and impactful outdoor classroom experience. Campzy Adventure Club and Outdoor Learning Center is here to support and enhance your celebrations, offering a range of educational and recreational activities that foster a love for nature, encourage active learning, and inspire a lifelong connection with the great outdoors. Let’s make this Outdoor Classroom Day an unforgettable experience for your students, unlocking their potential through the power of outdoor education.

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