Activities to Do


Learn essential camping skills like tent pitching, campfire cooking, survival techniques, and wildlife observation.

Outdoor Crafting

Discover various crafting techniques using natural materials found in the outdoors, including weaving, basket making, and creating natural dyes.

Outdoor Joinery

Get an introduction to outdoor joinery, including using hand and power tools, measuring and cutting wood, and constructing outdoor structures.


Learn basic woodworking tools and techniques, including sanding, sawing, drilling, and finishing. Participants can create small projects such as birdhouses or picture frames.

Outdoor Cooking

Master basic outdoor cooking techniques, including campfire cooking, handmade oven cooking, and foil pack cooking.

Cultural Tours

Visit nearby World Heritage sites such as Taxila Museum, Bhamala Stupa, Julian World Heritage site, and Mohra Muradoo Stupa to gain a deeper understanding of local culture.

Village Life Observation

Experience rural life and culture by visiting a nearby village.

Nature Tours

Explore nearby orange gardens, forests, and bird-watching areas.


Learn basic navigation and direction-finding techniques using a map and compass.


Discover techniques for building and maintaining a safe and warm campfire.


Learn fishing techniques and safety measures.


Get an introduction to basic self-defence techniques for the outdoors.

Shelter Making

Techniques for building a shelter in the wilderness.


Learn basic life-saving techniques, including CPR, first aid, and rescue techniques.

First Aid

Comprehensive training on first aid techniques, including how to treat injuries, bleeding, and shock.


Advanced rescue techniques for water and land, including rope rescue and swift water rescue.

Team Building

Participate in activities designed to foster teamwork and leadership skills.

Hiking & Trekking

Exploring the local trails and mountains.

Water Sports

Experience kayaking, swimming, paddle boating, water skiing, wake tubing, and other exciting water activities.

Adventure Sports

Get an introduction to basic and intermediate-level water sports and outdoor activities.

Environmental Awareness

Learn lessons on how to preserve the environment.


Experience the thrill of a zipline adventure.

Air Gun Shooting

Receive a basic introduction to air rifle shooting.


Learn the basics of archery.

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