Food Options

At Campzy Adventure Club and Outdoor Learning Center, we understand the importance of catering to diverse needs and preferences. Whether you’re organizing a corporate trip, educational excursion, or camping adventure, our culinary team is ready to provide customized menu options that will exceed your expectations. Alongside our regular offerings of Campzy Special Bowl, wraps, burgers, sandwiches, live BBQ, pizza, and a Juice & Tea Bar, we also offer specialized menus tailored to your specific requirements. Let’s explore the additional options available for different types of trips:

Campzy Special Bowl

Indulge in our Campzy Special Bowl, a delightful combination of flavors and textures. This savory bowl includes a perfect blend of aromatic rice, flavorful Manchurian, and scrumptious Chowmein. Each bite is a burst of deliciousness that will leave you craving for more.


Savor our freshly prepared wraps filled with a variety of ingredients that cater to different dietary preferences. Whether you prefer vegetarian, chicken, or beef fillings, our wraps are a portable and convenient option that combines taste and nutrition.


Sink your teeth into our mouthwatering burgers made with premium quality ingredients. Enjoy juicy patties, crisp lettuce, and flavorful sauces sandwiched between soft buns. Our burgers are sure to satisfy your cravings and fuel your outdoor adventures.


For a lighter yet equally delicious option, our sandwiches are a perfect choice. Packed with a variety of fillings, from classic ham and cheese to vegetarian options, our sandwiches offer a quick and satisfying meal that will keep you energized throughout your outdoor activities.

Live BBQ

Experience the sizzle and aroma of live BBQ as our skilled chefs grill an array of succulent meats and vegetables right before your eyes. Indulge in perfectly cooked kebabs, grilled chicken, and an assortment of veggies, all infused with smoky flavors that tantalize your taste buds.


Craving a slice of cheesy goodness? Our freshly baked pizzas are sure to please. Choose from a selection of toppings, including classic margherita, meat lovers, or vegetarian options. Each slice is prepared with care and expertise, ensuring a satisfying and flavorful pizza experience.

Corporate Groups Food Options

For corporate groups seeking a unique culinary experience, we can curate a specialized menu to cater to your preferences. Whether you prefer a formal sit-down dinner, a buffet-style feast, or a casual networking event, our culinary team will design a menu that matches the tone and purpose of your corporate trip. From elegant entrées to sophisticated desserts, we ensure a dining experience that aligns with your professional objectives and leaves a lasting impression on your team.

Educational Groups Food Options

We recognize that educational trips require a balance of nourishing meals and engaging experiences. Our customized menu options for educational trips focus on providing nutritious and well-rounded meals that fuel the minds and bodies of students. From wholesome lunchboxes to interactive cooking demonstrations, we create a culinary journey that complements the educational objectives of your trip. Our team can accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences, ensuring that all students can enjoy a satisfying and enriching dining experience.

Camping Guests Food Options

For our camping guests, we offer an expanded range of food options to enhance the camping experience. In addition to our regular menu, we provide live BBQ stations where you can savor grilled delights under the open sky. Our Pakistani Food options showcase the authentic flavors of the region, offering a taste of local cuisine. These options allow you to immerse yourself in the camping spirit and enjoy a memorable dining experience amidst the beauty of nature.

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